Gas turbine filters
Turbine filters
Air intake system for Gas Turbines should provide a clean, uniform airflow while preventing contaminants from fouling the compressor blades. We provide the world with innovative air inlet filtration and inlet silences for combustion turbines, generators, and other rotating equipments.

We can Offer a wide range of Gas Tubine filters in any quantity big or small made by ISO 9001-2000 certified Factories in Asia and Europe and can offer the quality replacement filters for Donaldson Gas Turbine fitlers , Alstrom, FARR, AAF American Air, AIRGUARD , CONAIR BRADEN , etc... Our goal is to provide you turbine filters that achieve maximum efficiency targeting high performance.

Conical Pulse Filter Cartridge

Our High Efficiency Conical Pulse Filter Cartridges come in 2 different sizes and have low pressure drop characteristics, high volumetric air flow, and high dust holding capacities for even the most demanding application.


Optimum Protection for your Gas Turbine Resistant to variable weather and operating conditions


Low Pressure Drop High Efficiencies (98%), Long Service Life, High dust Holding Capacities Hot Spiral Melt to provide extra protection.


Galvanized (Standard) or 304-316 SS Available on request Blended Media (standard) or 100% synthetic


Gas turbine filters